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1. Can I choose the writer who will write my essay?

Yes, you have complete control over choosing the writer who will work on your essay. You'll find a list of writers currently accepting academic tasks on our website. Check that list and evaluate the experts' –

  • Educational qualifications
  • Writing experience
  • Customer feedback

You can finalize your decision after you’ve gone through these details.

2. Will I receive an email once my essay is complete?

Yes, you’ll receive a notification on the email address that you have shared with us once your task is complete. Then, you can either –
Click on the link.
Log in to your account to access the completed essay.
If you’d like to receive a notification on your contact number, let us know. We can arrange that as well.

3. How do you determine the charges for my order?

At GoEssayWriter, we don’t follow a fixed pricing system. Instead, the final charges for your order depend on the following factors –

  • The overall complexity of the essay
  • The deadline provided by the student
  • Additional customization requests
  • The academic level of the task

We try our best to keep our prices within the affordable range.

4. Do you offer secure payment options?

In order to ensure that your personal details do not fall into the hands of third parties, we have taken the following measures –

  • Implemented multi-stage authentication
  • Enabled encryptions for every transaction

Additionally, we regularly update our software to protect clients from encountering any viruses.
We accept payment via a credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and even PayPal.

5. How quickly can you deliver my paper?

We have successfully delivered thousands of essays despite them having impossible deadlines. In fact, our specialized team handles all urgent deliveries with deadlines of less than 24 hours. So, let us help you complete the work on time and avoid late-submission penalties.

6. Do you guarantee complete confidentiality?

We do not share any personal details of our clients with the writers. The writer assigned to you will only have access to the task details. Besides, we do not store any personal details on our services. If you delete your account, we’ll permanently remove all details from our servers to guarantee confidentiality.
General Queries

1. How do the writers guarantee plagiarism-free work?

The writers on GoEssayWriter never cut corners when crafting an essay. If they’re not familiar with the subject, they conduct in-depth research. They create an outline and proceed with writing the content only after receiving approval from the student. They do not rely on any AI content generators. Instead, they write everything from scratch to guarantee a plagiarism-free essay.

2. What does the editing process entail?

When you hire experts from GoEssayWriter to edit your essay, the professionals will –

  • Assess the word choice and suggest alternatives if they make better sense
  • Review the entire content to fix any logical inconsistencies
  • Rectify all spelling and grammatical issues

Our editors are very careful about not altering the essence of the content.

3. How do the writers improve the essay quality?

The fact that we can guarantee an A-grade essay is because our writers take several measures to improve the overall quality, such as the following –

  • They make sure that all arguments are connected logically.
  • They ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • They add examples where necessary to improve reader comprehension.

4. What steps do the writers take to submit my essay on time?

Our writers don’t waste a second after they receive an order. They get right into researching and drafting the content. Besides, they use high-end proofreading and plagiarism-checking tools to speed up the process and submit your essay on time. Additionally, we delegate the editing to professional editors who can detect areas of improvement within seconds.